“Winning”, un clip de Nazaré Milheiro contre le harcèlement scolaire

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Clip réalisé afin de sensibiliser contre le harcèlement scolaire.

Our sons and daughters are coming back to school, an ordeal, bullying is a reality for them ! I would like to thank my child for playing the role of the bully ! Bullying at school is a nightmare for millions of students ! I would like to thank my beautiful step-daughters for playing in this video, even if it was hard emotionnally for them, and I would like to thank IAMTHESHADOW for respecting my work and putting their trust in me for this video and finally I would like to thank David Leporcq (North Shadows Records) IAMTHESHADOW are : Pedro Code : programming, synthesizers, guitar and vocals Vitor J. Moreira : synthesizers Herr G : bass and guitar Winning from the album “Everything in this nothingness” and “A tribute to The Sound” (Zona 22).


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